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New Bike Lanes Planned for West Dayton

Edward Bonk  | Published on 3/17/2019
Don't miss the Dayton Daily News article covering plans for several bicycle infrastructure construction projects in West Dayton and downtown: 

Summary of Plans:

1.  When the 3rd Street bridge over the Great Miami River is rebuilt in 2020, it will include a 17-foot wide 2-way "cycle track" or "protected bike lane". This will be the first "protected bike lane" in Dayton.

2. The Dayton River Corridor Bikeway, running perpendicular underneath the bridge, will also be reconstructed in 2020..

3.  The new 3rd Street Bridge bike lane will connect with the new Wright Dunbar Bikeway to be constructed through the historic neighborhood where Orville and Wilbur Wright grew up.  Plans call for most of it to be a protected bike lane.

4.  The City of Dayton plans another protected bike lane to be constructed along Jefferson Street in downtown Dayton, also during 2020.

5.  The Wolf Creek Bikeway will be constructed westward along Wolf Creek from the Great Miami River to Trotwood.