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Why Join/Renew DCC Membership, You Ask Join Now


  1. The Insurance: All DCC Touring rides are covered by secondary insurance for all members in case of an accident on that ride – some guidelines apply.

  2. Discounts for Club Activities: DCC members enjoy substantial discounts for club invitational rides such as the Huffman Spring Classic, Old World Tour, and the Wright Wride. Other activities, such as our annual DCC Picnic and the Annual Awards Banquet, are greatly discounted for club members. Discounts from attending just a few of these events pays for membership for one year.

  3. DCC’s Spoke ‘N’ Link Newsletter: DCC members receive by email our newsletter filled with Club news, entertaining and informative articles written by DCC members, notices of upcoming rides or events, and general bicycling-related information.  Old Spoke N Links are in the documents section under the "MORE" menu button.  This program is suspended until we get a new volunteer for newsletter editor. The "News" section may contain articles of interest to cyclers. 

  4. Commercial Discounts: Many local bicycle shops, sporting goods stores, commercial bicycle tours, and exercise facilities offer DCC members discounts of ten percent or more for merchandise, memberships, tours, classes, and service.

  5. Member-Only Rides and Services: Several rides, such as the Wine Ride, are for Dayton Cycling Club members only. Some rides, such as the Old World Tour, constrain the number of riders because of limited SAG (Support and Gear) support or availability of overnight facilities. DCC’s GOBA SAG service is available only to DCC members. Being a member allows you to participate in these special rides and enjoy these services.

  6. Track Bike Mileage: The DCC records for award purposes bikeway, commuting, and touring miles ridden by members. Members can report bikeways and commuting miles to the respective mileage coordinators. Members accumulate touring miles by participating in either DCC touring rides or rides that are listed in the Spoke ‘N’ Link, this website, or the Ohio Bicycle Federation (OBF) Events Calendar. This website updates mileage lists at least once a month.

  7. Volunteer Opportunities: Enjoy meeting your fellow cyclists and DCC members by staffing cycling-related events throughout the Miami Valley. Adventure Summits, Midwest Outdoor Experience (MOX), Bike to Work Day, bike corrals at the Dragons baseball games, rest stops at DCC’s major event rides, DCC picnics and annual awards banquet, videotaping informational promotions, and leading some of the DCC’s daily club rides are just a few of the volunteer opportunities available.

  8. Learn valuable skills: Riding alone is fine. Learning alone is an option, of course, but what you learn with a group is invaluable. What you really get out of this is watching others ride. Watching those with more experience is always helpful.

  9. Motivation: You’re out on a long ride by yourself and you decide to call it quits about halfway through what you had planned. You make an appointment with yourself to ride every Monday night, but don’t. You ride, but not hard enough to push yourself. If any of these describe you, the motivation you could get from a group of riders would be a great benefit.

  10. Ride with a group: Riding with a group is a great way to see the cycling culture at work. See how to deal with road hazards, treat other cyclists, put into action the rules of the road, and even where to ride. They can also help give you tips as they watch you ride. It’s also nice to know that the Ride Leader won’t let you be last!

  11. Safety in numbers: If you work at times that only leave you darker hours to ride or if you like to ride during less populated hours, riding with a group can help you with safety. If you’re out in the sticks and your tire blows, someone is with you. If you fall and get hurt, you’re not alone. This is a great reason to be with a group.  Don’t forget the club insurance coverage.

  12. Social time: Enjoy the pre-ride chatter. Enjoy talking to other riders. Enjoy the food break if the ride has one and many do. The banquets aren’t bad either.

  13. Well planned rides: If you’re new to the area or to cycling, or perhaps just haven’t explored past your neighborhood, riding with a club will give you an organized tour with a good clue as to what’s around the corner. Is it up hill or down? The club will know! The special rides are especially nice with SAG support and food.Join Now