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Bikeway Mileage

The Dayton Cycling Club records bikeway, commuter, and touring mileage for its members. Accumulate bikeway miles by riding on the various bikeways around the Miami Valley (or other bikeways around the state or country).

Bikeway miles should be submitted monthly and are due five days after the month in which the miles were accrued. End-of-year miles and any corrections must be submitted by January 31 of the new year.

Past Leaders
Year Male Miles Female Miles
2010 Dan Hepp 4,629 Ginger Stutz 2,085
2011 Robert Blue 4,944 Brenda Butler 3,925
2012 Robert Blue 5,118 Brenda Butler 4,832
2013 Scott Butler 4,959 Brenda Butler 4,501
2014 Bob Hartman 4,627 Brenda Butler 3,673
2015 Scott Butler 4,978 Marilyn Corbin 1,507
2016 Dan Blair 7,431 Brenda Butler 3,886
2017 Bob Hartman 4,870 Brenda Butler 6,151
2018 Scott Butler 3,714 Brenda Butler 4,948